Don’t cripple our business community — support the arts!

Sent to my congresscritters via this form:

I’m the CEO of a game startup in Somerville MA.  I used my art skills to help design games, yes, but also to communicate with my creative staff and contractors.  But it’s deeper than that.

I use my skills in public speaking, voice, and acting to persuade funders to join us, and to convince early startup staffers to believe in us.  Our partners, community contacts, twitter followers — all of these — are better brought to realize how good we are through my experience in creative writing and acting.

It’s not that I am fooling them.  It’s that, without the skills I learned from my arts education, I wouldn’t have the tools to express myself in a competitive environment.

They call this the attention economy.  We are competing for attention globally.  Without good presentation and attention-getting skills — visual, verbal, interpersonal — we will not be able to hold our own.

Support the arts, not because it’s a nice thing for the kids — but because it’s critical to the economy.


Shava Nerad

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